Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hi There

Wow. It's been so long since I've been over here to say Hi that I was surprised Blogger even remembered who I was.

July completely flew by and August is fast doing the same thing. At least it was because I was out doing lots of fun stuff and not any boring or dumb reason, like work. Well, work didn't help with they flying by. Ha.

Right at the beginning of the month my DH had surgery on his wrist to scope for why it has been bothering him for quite a while. He wasn't thrilled about the idea of this but is excited about getting it fixed so he can get back to playing.

Right after that the Grrls and I had a grand ol time up in the mountains hanging out and knitting for the weekend. I know it's a knitting blog but I think that is about all the knitting I managed to get in all month. Yowza. Great time though.

Next up was DH second surgery to actually fix his arm up (still waiting to see how that pans out). I do have to give him massive credit though. I can't remember him complaining or whining at all about the pain or how he can't do anything. Though he was getting a little frustrated about not being able to put on socks. Good thing it's summertime.

Then I went to Baltimore. I think I managed about a full 10 minutes of knitting at that point. I was there for work so I didn't get a ton of tourist time but I did manage one dinner over at the Inner Harbor area. It was a really nice area and I got a couple of pictures of the view from the restraunt and a huge boat they have parked in the harbor.

Right after that my dear SIL came out for a visit to grand Colorado (man, I love this state). So we were off and running showing her the sites and all the fun reasons to move out here - we are always working on the family trying to get them to head west.

We got in some hiking, drinking, and general site seeing over the weekend. She wasn't totally convinced though because she opted to go back home. Maybe next time...

And after all that we've arrived at this weekend. Right now I'm planning on recovering from a long night at work. A little more coffee, a little knitting, and some podcasts. Sounds like a plan to me. Hope you all have been doing well.


StarSpry said...

Glad you've been having some fun :) I hope your DH's surgery went well and his arm gets all better!

Chris said...

Wow - you have been busy! And just think - you've been knitting about 95% more than me. :)

I hope your DH's arm is better quickly!

WandaWoman said...

Wow, your life has been terribly busy too. Hope DH's arm is resolved soon.