Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well Hai there. So I hear there is some interest in what I found in NYC. I must be clear, I didn't get to do the tourist thing so this is light (very light) on any fab NYC type photos. But I did manage to get some great shots of the yarn I bought while I was there.

I got out there, Long Island, on Sunday afternoon and was certain there would be both 1) no knit shops near me and 2) if there were they wouldn't be open. Wrong on both counts. Hooray for me.

I went to a little shop in Farmingdale called InfiniteYarns. It was a very cute shop. The owner was sweet. And there was a nice little group in the back knitting away.

They only carried big brands, which was a tiny bit disappointing because I had hoped to find something I couldn't get in Colorado. But being the diligent knitter I am I did find a few lines I hadn't seen before and, of course, I had to bring some home.

Two are Araucania yarns. Both are gorgeous (I wouldn't buy something ugly - ha)


And as I was leaving there was this *gorgeous* scarf that I Had. To. Have. so I picked up some Karabella to make that

and finally who could walk past this pretty stuff without grabbing a few

E-bide, e-bide, that's all folks.


CynCyn said...

ooh. pretty!!! of course I love all of the stuff you got.

jw_S_M_I_L_E said...

Glad you were wrong about not being able to get yarn while on vacation. Since you are generally right about most things. ;)

Joanne said...

All in all, I'd say that you had a very successful yarn shopping trip. Beautiful stuff!