Monday, November 03, 2008


It's National Knit a Sweater Month. Third annual actually. Wow. I decided to unofficially participate this year. It seems I always sign up for these things and then drop it about 2 weeks in, so I might as well take my time. Not only that, but I cast on for the Winter Wonderland coat from Inspired to Knit and it's not a realistic goal to have it done in a month - though I'd like to get the back done.

Colorful Yarns was kind enough to bring in Berroco Peruvia in a new shade called Chestnut for me (very pretty rusty red/orange - the picture looks a little light to me). The charts at the bottom of the skirt are a bit of a bear. I'm very fond of lace where there isn't anything complicated on the wrong side, but these are charted on both. Just makes it slower going. But i love how it's knitting up so far and the coat is worth the work so I'll just keep plugging away.

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WandaWoman said...

Yep, I decided to do NaKniSweMo unofficially as well. That new color of Peruvia is verry pretty! :-)