Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm so excited! I got over to the Madrona website quick enough to actually sign up this year!! Just going for the weekend, three different half day classes, but that's enough to have me wishing it was February already.

I'll be in the Yarn Harlot's class on knitting Faster. Whoo hoo! I hope I can pick up some speed. So much to knit. So little time. Even if I don't learn a thing I'd be willing to bet I'll laugh more in this class than any other. Ha.

Then I'm taking a class on double knitting. Should be very cool. I bought a pattern for double knit mittens years ago and still haven't bothered to start it. I know it's not *that* hard, but sitting down with a book to teach myself when I've got a thousand other options of knitting patterns just means I haven't gotten to it and likely won't on my own.

The third class is a spinning class and I really really can't wait for that one. It's about plying, which for some reason I have the hardest time feeling good about. I know I have too much twist in my singles still, which I am certain more practice will help work out, and maybe a class or two. But then I always seem to try and overcompensate for that when I ply. Not to mention that there are tons of different ways to ply and I have only tried one so far.

And best of all? Two of my grrls will also be going. Thank heaven they were online when I signed up or I wouldn't have had anyone to talk into coming along. Not that it took that much arm twisting mind you. It was more about timing. All the classes were full by the end of the day or I bet some more twisting would have happened and it'd be more that two of the grrls going.

Anyway, still really really excited. If you couldn't tell by the rambling. Is it February yet?


Chris said...

Congrats on getting into those classes!

CynCyn said...

who else be going? Stacey.. and? Jeni?

SO JEALOUS. except I don't want to spend extra time in classes. UGH.

Judy said...

I am sure you will have a wonderful time at Madrona, such a well organized event (must be why it's so popular).