Monday, October 13, 2008

Lie like a rug

We used to have what I called a kitchen carpet. It was a little rug that sat right in front of the kitchen sink. It was navy blue. But I redecorated a couple years back and blue just didn't fit so I took it to another room for another purpose. My husband is apparently at a loss to what he should do now because I keep coming home to find this

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No matter how many times I tell him that a kitchen towel isn't the same as a rug I find this. I have at least gotten him to start using the stained ones but that isn't much nicer.
So when I got the new Mason Dixon knitting book I knew exactly what needed to happen. I got out my stash of Brown Sheep bulky and picked out the colors I want to use

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and cast on for Kiki Mariko. I'm very excited about this. It knits up fast on size 15 needles and gives me great practice with my fair isle knitting.
I got all this done just yesterday.

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I figure I'll keep working on it this week and we shall see if I can't just get it done. It'll be a great change to what has become the norm.


CynCyn said...

Early Happy Birthday!!!

Umm. Your DH is too funny. I was thinking that he was retrieving the old kitchen rug and putting it "back where it belongs."

WandaWoman said...

I was thinking the same thing as Cyn. That's funny that dh was putting kitchen towels on the floor. I definitely think you need to finish the rug, so he will know what he can use to put down there. Poor thing!

Happy Early Birthday!

Kelly said...

hahhaha poor hubby!!
Your new rug looks fantastic! I can't believe you did that all in one day. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Chris said...

Ok, that's funny about your hubby. The new rug looks like it will be fabulous. I have a knitted kitchen rug, too - Jeanne knit it from Noro Big Tubu (sp?) and couldn't bear to walk on it - but doesn't mind if I walk on it. :)

Mary-Kay said...

That is very funny. HA!

I love the rug you are knitting. Now I want one! It's really pretty!

Corwink said...

I laughed my butt off while reading this. Typical boy stunts! I LOVE the new rug.

StarSpry said...

How funny :D Your new rug is going to look great! It's really knitting up fast. Happy Birthday!!

Katherine said...

That's funny; such a boy thing. I love that pattern and yours is going to be beautiful!