Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Monday

I came across this when trying to catch up on my blog reading. I just had to share. I love the way this was photographed.
Giant Hand-Knit Carpet

And I was never aware at how volatile our lighting could be. Keep an eye on your floor lamps and watch for signs of depression. It would be shocking to come home to this.

Knitting bag fan? Can't ever seem to catch those piddleee bags when they are posted? Check out this alternative. The bags are different sizes and shapes from Piddleloop but they are darn cute!

For those not quite over the felted bag phase there is a new pattern from Skacel that looks amazing. I'm feeling a bit tempted on this one.

Really don't want to throw any of that yarn away? Including leftovers and clipped ends. Here's an idea for ya. Looks fun.


Chris said...

Thanks for the fun links!

michaele said...

what a great idea for leftovers! Wish I'd been keeping the ends from the revib project now...