Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Form of Attention Deficit

Reports have it that there is a new form of Attention Deficit disorder, common to very little children. It seems my nephew has a very bad case. It's referred to as ADOK (attention deficit - ooooh Kitty!).

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There he goes...

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And on a side note and because I know you all will appreciate this more than most...
I found these sheep onesies at Target. How could I resist!!!

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GreenPhoenix said...

Yeah, he managed to corner Brier this morning and Jenny was at a loss as to who to scold when Brier was fully prepared to defend herself. I assured her that the best way to break William of ADOK really fast is to let him get the hold of the business end of the cat a couple times. I just hope he doesn't get his ear bitten off before it happens.

CynCyn said...

Awww... no pics of the cute kitty that was so attention grabbing? William is SO BIG already!! He's got some great chubby knees (my favorite part of all babies!)