Thursday, August 07, 2008

Craft Room Updates

I've made a little more progress in the craft room over this past weekend. I had a fab place to read and knit but not really a great place to do any of the rest of my crafty projects. The kitchen table works but it makes any longer term projects difficult since we need to use it to eat off of too. Pesky dinner times.

So... I decided to make something. What I really really wanted was this. Stunning isn't it? So is that price tag. For a craft table particularly. It's going to get paint on it. I'm going to end up scratching it with scissors, exacto knives, or something at some point. So, in honor of it being a craft desk I got crafty with it.

I started with a quick stop at Target for some of their awesome and economical shelving units (same brand as those awesome cube shelves I put in the loft earlier this year). After putting those together it was time to fill them. One side has all my computer and gear in it. The other side is more inspiring.

img hosted at flikr

The serger, sewing machine, and sewing notions all fit very nicely in this side. With plenty of room to spare for all my cross stitching patterns and floss. Thankfully that stuff is still under control. For now. If Kim keeps posting about such great patterns I may cave in. Again.

And for the finali I topped the desk (or actually made it a desk depending on how you look at it) by using up some boards I couldn't part with when we threw out the old entertainment center. Recycling at it's finest.

img hosted at flikr

I'm not quite done and will post more photos when it's truly done. Just a coat of paint and some other fun ideas I'm toying with to make it cool. But it's been great to have just as it is. Loving it.


Luni said...

I, too, have been admiring that craft table you linked. Now they have come up with a dining table with ends that lift up to expose a place to store your laptop, with a plug-in for it and a notch so the cord can pass through to the top. I think I'd rather have one of those for a craft table; it's genius!

jw_S_M_I_L_E said...

Looks great!!

Deb said...

And then there's the yoga ball!! It just doesn't want to be stored anywhere convenient does it!!! Great ideas in your room - I really need to work on mine to make it more functional and less like a place to dump crap!

StarSpry said...

The PB craft table looks awesome! But, I love the table you made :)

Chris said...

Very cool! I've been looking at my whole condo, contemplating how to redesign it to maximize storage.

Sam said...

Good for you! (I've been drooling over the PB craft table too).

Corwink said...

I have been dreaming about that table for a good year now. I had put it out of my mind hoping it had been discontinued yet there it is on your blog! MUST HAVE IT!

Samantha said...

wow, that is some seriously fabulous space you have made!