Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yarn and Knitting

Enough history already. How about some knitting content. Gosh!

Let's start with my very prized yarn I spun during camp shall we?

img hosted at flikr

The pig is there because she's cute. And I know there are one or two folks that read this that just aren't into yarn like I am. Thinking of you.

And something I've been knitting on? I picked this up from the old WIP pile and decided to work on it. I wish it was finished. It'd be perfect to wear today.

img hosted at flikr

It's Rusted Root and I'm thankfully to the main body section. I love the knit but I do wish someone would tell me where to pick up some of Mrs. Weasley's knitting needles since I'm a bit over the whole process and am ready for finished product.


StarSpry said...

The little pig is adorable :) The yarn you spun is beautiful and I love that color!!

Chris said...

Rusted Root is going to be great! You can do it!

Sam said...

Oooh the rusted root is pretty. And I love that you are spining your own yarn -- it looks really relaxing.