Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mad Spinner and Tour de Fleece finalist

I had a spinning bug this weekend and got quite a bit done, which worked out nicely since Sunday was the final day of the Tour de Fleece and that was the day the bug hit.

Before I start going on about the new spinning I finally wound off my lavender dreams and skeined it. So pretty! I love how it turned out. If I did my math right I got 75 yards of this beautiful yarn from the spinning at camp. I may break out my meter reader and double check that. It doesn't quite sound right to me.

img hosted at flikr

Now, onto the tour finishings. I finished up the fiber I got from Handpainted Yarns. I started this at the beginning of the tour and wasn't having a good time spinning it. I really had to fight with this at first and wasn't getting an even ply at all. I don't recall exactly what sort of fiber it is. I did enjoy the color changes though. And by the end was getting a very lovely consistency from it. Which was the first part of my goal for the tour anyway. The second part was to like what I spun...

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Luckily, I decided to keep on spinning. I was dying to start this beauty. It's Falkland wool that I bought from Fat Cat Knits. The colorway is Siren. Very pretty and was sooo nice to spin. I really really enjoyed it and if I didn't need to ply the Handpainted yarn to free up another bobbin I would have kept right on going with it. I can't wait to see how the yarn turns out. I love how it looks so far though.

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StarSpry said...

Congratulations! You're doing a great job...I love the lavender skein :)

WandaWoman said...

I'm enjoying seeing your spinning. After all of that spinning, you only have 75 yards? amazing. Must be all that plying.

Joanne said...


C'est bon!

Corwink said...

Gorgeous! That lavender skein is my favorite.