Friday, July 11, 2008

And a little more history

So I told you that I got a spinning wheel, and obviously I picked up some roving some time. It's true! I took the day off of work a few weeks back and spent a lovely morning at the Art Museum with two friend and my DH looking at the quilts of Gees Bend (if they make it to your town, go visit! I'll never think of quilting the same way - very liberating).

Then DH and I headed up to Boulder with a friend to pick up the roving that "came with" my wheel. What a great deal! Maggie Casey (yes the one that just wrote a book on spinning - get a copy) helped me pick out the best stuff to start with and we headed out. We had hurd rumor that Boulder had a new yarn store and we had to go check it out, particularly since I don't make it to Boulder very often. We heard that it's an ice cream shop and yarn store combined.

Different... But what the hey.

img hosted at flikr

It's in a little stip mall area. From the front it is what you'd expect.

img hosted at flikr

And that's all folks. You can see the whole shop in that picture.

In her defense, she does carry some very nice yarn brands. Just not much by way of quantity. My DH made the comment as we were leaving that I have more yarn than she does. Doh! The ice cream was awesome though so if you are in the neighborhood, need a little ice cream, and some comfy chairs to knit in it would be worth a stop in.


Chris said...

Hee hee - we probably each have more yarn than that store! Cute idea, though.

CynCyn said...

At what point did DH say that he wanted to try spinning? has he taken a turn at the wheel yet? (if and when this happens, I hope we - yes, my familiar use of 'we'- have camera on hand!!

Luni said...

I love yarn, K loves ice cream, it's the perfect shop. I wish they would open one in my town.

Deb said...

Can't wait to see what you spin up!

Susan said...

What brand is the wheel? It looks like it might be an Ashford.

My husband might like the store since it has ice cream.

StarSpry said...

Sounds like a fun day! I may just have to check out that yarn/ice cream shop :D