Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesdays are for...

So in March Tuesdays were for casting on. In April they were for finishing. So what are they going to be in May? I've settled on blankets. Not that I can finish a whole blanket in a day, or even a single square of a blanket, but I've opted to ensure that I'm focusing on seven of the blankets I've been really wanting to make for a couple of years now. All of them are made of individual squares so I can see this Tuesdays are for blankets extending through the summer instead of being limited to a single month.

So what are the seven blankets I'm working on?
These you've seen before (and details are on Ravelry)

img hosted at flikr img hosted at flikr

img hosted at flikr img hosted at flikr

Here's a few that I haven't posted about before. I've mostly started them all but I'm working a square of each and then moving onto the next blanket. So far, very fun.

img hosted at flikr img hosted at flikr

Playmat (from 100 More Afghan Squares to Knit - for my nephew)

img hosted at flikr img hosted at flikr

Komb from Berocco

I bought the pattern ages ago, but once I saw the version someone did in Jojoland Rhythm it moved up on the list of "must make soon".

Mod on Mod from YarnPlay

And finally, Mosaic from 100 Afghan Squares to Knit - by far the longest marinated project

I bought the yarn for this one a few years ago and have really wanted to start on it but keep finding reasons to keep putting it off. I think I'm afraid it won't turn out as wonderful as the example. But it's time to Just Do It.

Since I'm concentrating on these for the summer and very much so on Tuesdays, I set up a flickr badge in the sidebar that I'll upload pictures to each time I finish a square.


Chris said...

Whoa. Boggled by all those blankets!

Deb said...

Dang - I forgot all about my Babette.

WandaWoman said...

You and those blankets! I think I need to start making squares for my blanket. It'll take forever, but who's counting anyway?

Sonya said...

I think you are the knitblogger queen of blankets!

Joanne said...

Wow!! What more can I say. I'm impressed.

I really want to make the Lizard Ridge blanket, but I'm undecided on colors. I don't know how many I want to put in it and how to space them out. Decision!

Stephanie said...

Your using araucania to make a blanket I am sooooo jealous. I love that yarn!! I might have to copy you.
I'm getting ready to start interlaken by berrocco and the pinwheel blanket in the knitalong book. I also love the barn raising but i don't have a sock yarn stash.