Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've got Mail - Deadly Spins *Spoiler Alert*

This has been a AWESOME mail week and it's only Tuesday. Granted, some of it must have come on Saturday but I didn't check the mail till Sunday... and I'm rambling... and it's not relevant... ok...

You've already seen the Socks that Rock order (I totally caved yesterday and made another order with them - must not visit that site again for a while!) but I also got my new Kim Hargreaves pattern book. If you haven't checked it out I highly encourage you to go to her site and take a gander at all the lovely patterns.

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I want to make nearly everything out of this book. I decided that I really need to pay more attention to these and my Rowan magazines. I almost always start things from my Interweave magazines but never seem to get the Rowan ones out again after the initial drool. I must ponder why that is. Maybe they are just too pretty and I don't want to mess up the magazine itself.

Next! I ordered some prints from Etsy from this lovely artist. The art is beautiful (I've been admiring it for quite a while) and the artist is just wonderful. I got three notes from her after I placed the order including a very nice handwritten note in the order itself.

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And finally I got my second 7 Deadly Spins club package. The yarn is wonderful and all the bath salts smell really nice. The chocolate existed only long enough for the photo (yum!). And the tiny sheep soaps are too cute. Overall it was a nice surprise.

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At this rate I'll have to lose that grudge I've got against the postal service. I can't believe how quickly I got most things. Particularly since many of them came from quite a long way away. I wonder if I got anything new today...

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