Friday, April 25, 2008

Recipe for Socks

I decided that one reason I don't like making socks is because I can't ever seem to get them just right for my feet. I have extremely high arches, the balls of my feet are wide, and I've got stubby little toes. It's not a big deal to me, just how they are, and why I think socks don't fit me comfortably. So, I found a couple of generic toe up sock patterns and determined to play around until I get my perfect sock recipe.

I'm still not there but I'm getting closer. I'll have to bring these to my knitting group for some help with what to change next go around.

img hosted at flikr

The left sock I knit exactly as described in my pattern. I used a turkish cast on (LOVE that) and started with a small amount of stitches. It feels very loose in the entire ball of the foot so on my next try, the right hand sock, I started with more stitches. I like how that fits much better.

My only complaint really is that even though I increased 8 stitches from the ball of the foot to before I got to the heel it's stretched out so far it looks like ribbing still. I'm nervous about increasing too many stitches because I don't want it to slide around or off. I'm not as worried about that part as I am that I wore these for only 10 minutes last night before it started hurting the bottom of my feet, like they were digging in.

So there we have it. The Second try wasn't horrible. Neither are horrible, really. But I'm still not quite there. It's been fun trying to figure out exactly what I like. I hope I get to the finished recipe before I get tired of socks again though.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Chris said...

When you DO find the magic formula, it will be so worth it. Is one of the patterns Judy Gibson's generic toe-up? I use that, although with a different cast on and toe increase rate, plus a modified heel.

Sonya said...

I've had the same trouble. Lots of sock patterns have a heel flap that's too long for me and I end up with droopy heels. I'm slowly learning how to modify to get a better fit. I hate that whole trial and error thing.