Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Inspiration Board

Quite some time ago, when I was doing the redesign of the craft room actually, I decided I was in dire need of an inspiration board. So many things inspire me I couldn't go with a simple or small cork board so I got a little ambitious and designed this

img hosted at flikr

The duct tape is there for scale and that hole on the right is why we are looking at a picture. That's right, more mad scientist activities going on.

+ =

img hosted at flikr

DH should be helping me hang this up on the wall behind my desk tonight so I'll hopefully be able to show you a better picture tomorrow. I hate how the colors came out on this one. That green isn't nearly as bright as it looks here. But all that aside, I do really like my new inspiration board. Now I need to start designing a good crafting table and I think the room will be done. Whoo hoo!


CynCyn said...

ooh! can craft table have the self healing stuff? and underneath that, I would want some grid in inches.
that would be so great!

Joanne said...

What fun that you're getting in touch with your inner mad scientist. Your craft room is going to be wonderful!