Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Fab Weekend

I admit that hearing the Harlot in person was by far the peak of my weekend but the rest of it wasn't too shabby.

On Saturday I spent my regular couple of hours hanging out at the shop. Mary Kay made the long trek down to that end of town and we had fun petting the yarn, knitting, and generally enabling each other. Tiffany got in some Rhythm that Stacey and I have been obsessing over since seeing that gorgeous blanket Lolly has been working on. Yes. We both want one too. I have a soft spot for blankets. Or at least collecting yarn to make them.

After planning and scheming there, Mary Kay and I headed over to a Knitted Peace to check out the Habu trunk show. It was AMAZING. Mary Kay was busy making new friends when we learned that they were having a class in less than 30 minutes on how to read Japanese patterns. And there was room for more students. So we attended. Exceptionally cool stuff. It was very neat to learn something that new. I didn't even know that the Japanese presented patterns differently than what we are used to. It's so straightforward and they provide a ton of information in a small amount of space. So, now that I'm armed with how to read the pattern I just *had* to order one or two of their kits, right? I'm super excited about those. I ordered one cardigan that will be made out of pineapple. A scarf made from steel and merino. And enough paper yarn to make the sweater pattern that we got in class. Their yarns are amazing and it's fun that they are not traditional fibers. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

After all that excitement, I decided to play things a little quieter on Sunday. Just painted the house some more. And did some charity bowling. Our company is a big supporter of Sungate Kids and there was a bowl-a-thon to raise money for them. It was a lot of fun and was doing good for someone else. What better way to wrap up a weekend than like that?


WandaWoman said...

Wow, what a weekend! Filled from bottom to top. That's awesome that you were two were able to attend the Japanese pattern reading class.

StarSpry said...

Such a fun weekend! Wish I made it down to the Habu Trunk Show. Can't wait to see what you ordered :D