Monday, April 28, 2008

Mad Scientist

I've been feeling a bit like a mad scientist lately with all the different things I've been doing. Of course, dressing like this on the weekends will certainly alter your state of mind.

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So, lets start with painting. My front room is done and man do I like how it's turned out so far. There's still one wall left to do but it's on hold for the time being. Just so you have something to compare things with... here's what it used to look like

img hosted at flikr

img hosted at flikr

And now...

img hosted at flikr

img hosted at flikr

Whew, that took a while. I dyed the pillow covers on the couch and recovered the mattress. The wall behind the couch still hasn't been painted (it is destined to become that same cream in the picture above but it's going to be a bit more involved, requiring more paint and scaffolding. It'll get done this summer though.

I'll show you some more stuff tomorrow. It's got more of a crafty lean than painting the walls.


StarSpry said...

Looks great! I really like the new fabric and dyed pillows on the couch :)

knitnzu said...

Great job! Love the reupholster/dye job, and also the color on the wall. Maybe you can paint the remaining wall just up so high... with angled tops to go with the stair? (that way you wouldn't need scaffolding to get to the top)

Chris said...

Wow! Hmm, wanna do my place next? ;)

WandaWoman said...

I love the new fabric on the couch in your front room, very nice.

Sam said...

Wow, that looks fantastic. I love the colour and the fabric on the sofa.

jw_S_M_I_L_E said...

Great Job Sis! It really looks amazing!