Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's Episode of the FO Show

So... I was talking the other day about how I noticed I had 18 WIPs in my Ravelry projects. Then someone reminded me about the hibernating status. Wow. I added them all up and somehow have managed to get up to 36. 36!! And most of them just need seaming, blocking, or just a tiny bit of knitting and finishing. So I've started a FO binge. I'm not so fast that I'm getting one per day or anything but I did manage this one last week.

May I present the Tangled Yoke.

img hosted at flikr

Knit in Classic Elite Classic Silk (LOVE that yarn) I find that I must wear it like it's modeled since it does this weird thing when it's all buttoned up. I'm not into having my sweater attack the underside of my chin.

img hosted at flikr

It's such a dense fabric though that I don't think I'd like it buttoned all the way up anyway (does it sound like I'm justifying not ripping anything out? It should...)

And here it is on a real human

img hosted at flikr

I think I really do like it. I didn't when I first put it on and wore a jacket over it most of the day. But seeing it in a photo and on our static model I'm really liking it.


Sonya said...

I lovin' your tangled yoke! It does look best with a couple of buttons undone. I have many UFOs too. My response however is to cast on for new ones!

Chris said...

It turned out really well and looks great on you! Wow, so now you're down to 35 projects??

StarSpry said...

Your Tangled Yoke looks great! I agree, it does look better with a couple buttons unbuttoned :)

Sam said...

The Tangled Yoke looks fab on you!

WandaWoman said...

Oh, your Tangled Yoke turned out splendidly. I love it. I agree that it looks best with a couple of buttons undone as well.

Luni said...

That's a great color! I think it looks too good to cover up with a jacket.

Kathy said...

it is amazing. I am so jealous. Lovely lovely work

CynCyn said...

It's beautiful! And in a color that is not super well represented in your wardrobe, as far as I know. What happens if you button up the top buttons and leave the bottom three undone? I'd like mine to be done too (shhoo. I haven't even cast on).