Monday, March 03, 2008


Saturday I stopped over at the shop to hang out and knit. I brought my project with me but quickly got distracted (in a yarn shop, what?) by all the pretty yarn. I went to the bookshelves and grabbed up a copy of the Second Treasury of Magical Knitting by the genius Cat Bordhi. I grabbed up some Malabrigo Aquarella (which is on sale this month by the way) and knit, in a day, the Mobius basket pattern. It's so freaking cool!!

img hosted at flikr

I ran home and felted it. And today I picked up a planter that fits wonderfully in there and planted three bulbs that I hope will sprout and provide some lovelyness.

img hosted at flikr

Next up? I really want to make that funny cat bed with arms and a tail. And put bells in the toes to drive the cat crazy. She'd love it!


Chris said...

Cute - and so speedy! I had a plain old mobius cat bed mostly knit, then realized my cats would never use it, so ripped it out.

CynCyn said...

What yarn are you going to use for the cat bed? Such a cute planter!

WandaWoman said...

Very cute! I like the felted basket as a planter. Cool!

GreenPhoenix said...

Wow that's really cool! Imagine, doing something useful with a Mobious Strip--and I thought they were just for showing of our cleverness.

Sonya said...

What a great basket! There are a couple of those on the shelves at my LYS and I just find them mesmerizing.