Friday, March 21, 2008

No more FOs, just new WIPs

So, you didn't think I could finish all that without casting on more new projects did you? I started a few actually. I think I'm back up to 36 WIPs, and if I'm not I bet I will be before the weekend is out.

The first new WIP is the Spider's Web Shawl from Victorian Lace today. I'm making the fichu size and using Mulberry Silk. One of the ladies that knits over at Colorful on Tuesday nights (open knit night folks, come hang out, get help, visit and laugh) made eight of these for Christmas last year. Yes, I said eight. She brought one with her last week and it is stunning. Of course I had to start one.

img hosted at flikr

I chose a color that my mother loves and I really hope she enjoys this since I decided to make it for her. I bought yarn to make myself one too of course but am starting with hers.

So far, it's not too bad of a knit. My edition of the book has terrible instructions about the cast on and first few rows. Thankfully I started Tuesday when I could get help from the Spider's Shawl expert. Once it was going, I was off and running. I can't wait to get to the beaded parts.

Speaking of beaded lace, have you seen the Moroccan Days shawl yet? Woolen Rabbit is selling kits for it and it's a stunning pattern. Enabling accomplished. Have a great weekend.


StarSpry said...

That's such a pretty color! Have a great weekend :)

CynCyn said...

You know I love that color. Is yours going to be in the same color? Woolen Rabbit. When are you gonna order? And... are you gonna get other stuff?

Christine said...

Happy Easter and all things chocolate!