Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I joined in the fun of the Seven Deadly Spins and so far I'm loving it! I got my first kit in the mail earlier this week

img hosted at flikr

and actually started working harder on my current WIP sock so I could start these with a clear(ish) conscious.

img hosted at flikr

with the yarn they sent along. I love the idea and am excited about making the socks. My taste has been running into some brighter colors lately (that desire for spring I'd imagine) so this will be a fun little project. Particularly when we get that final dumping of snow before spring is really here.

img hosted at flikr

I'm wondering if some of my leftovers will make a cute second pair if I like the pattern. Bet they would. Oh and then there is this pattern that the grrls seem to all be queuing on Ravelry that look like fun and easy stashbusters too.


Chris said...

Oh, those are pretty socks and great colors!

Samantha said...

so spring-y and fabulous! Enjoy!