Thursday, January 03, 2008

Things Done in Aught 7

One of my favorite parts about a new year is looking back at the previous one to see what I've accomplished. It's refreshing since I usually don't feel like I did much of anything.

By way of knitting I officially finished (meaning the ends are woven in and everything) 23 items. If I'd get going it would be much higher. That stack of sweaters that needs a few ends woven in is getting a bit tall.

I started teaching knitting classes at Colorful Yarns. Now there's one way to push an introvert to speak up.

I also took a quilting class where I made my first quilt. And then just branched out and made one up.

I got my craft room started (man, this is my proudest accomplishment I think).

And I read 70 books.

Year well done. Next.


Chris said...

You had a busy year - esp because several of your FOs were pretty big, weren't they??

Deb said...

I guess you'll have to list "changed my blog layout" in 2008! That's a pretty impressive list grrl!

CynCyn said...

Survived 1st year of marriage. Doesn't that count for somethin' somethin'? I can't wait to come visit and see the craft room!!!

WandaWoman said...

Busy, busy girl! 70 books, that's pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you are my HERO!! 23 FO's and 70 books + you work full-time! You are amazing my friend :)

Calling on Kahlo said...

Holy Crap-70 books? Man, I don't think I read a half a dozen this year for pleasurable reading (for school, blegh maybe too many).

I love the color you picked for your room and the curtains are great.

I love what you knit, very inspiring!