Friday, January 18, 2008

Beret, Tam, Hat, Wilted Mushroom?

Hey there! Man, this week just flew by. And it still managed to feel like a couple of weeks long. Not a ton of knitting happened around casa knittin'. If this keeps up I'm going to have to change the name.

I did manage to start a new project last week and sorta finished it. It's the Last Minute "Purled" Beret by the most talented Wendy Bernard. It's an adorable (and free) pattern. And it was a very quick knit. The problem came in with my interpretation of the pattern instructions, or the yarn I used, or something. It was really really cute until I bound off.

img hosted at flikr

I think part of the problem is the decrease rounds. She has you do an inch of knitting between each and I don't know that I did a full inch. I think I counted the decrease round as part of the inch. And then to finish off you have 12 stitches that you simply run the yarn through and cinch. There is still a giant hole in the top of my hat. The hole when I had 12 stitches left was at least 3 inches in diameter so there has to be something wrong there too. Either way I'll be ripping back and winging it. I really want this hat. And not in such a withered mushroom state.

img hosted at flikr

I used Noro Iro to make the hat and will need two skeins to finish. But I got yarn to match to make some Bird In Hand mittens so this must work out. I will be more stubborn than this hat. But don't tell the hat that just yet. Sometimes letting the knitting think it's winning is the best way to beat it.


Chris said...

The colors are pretty!

Deb said...

If you lived here - you'd NEED that hat!! It sure looks lovely, gaping hole aside!

CynCyn said...

maybe a soak will let it bloom and stretch?

Stacey said...

Ummm, I think that I'll let you finish yours (and work out the kinks) before I finish mine! :)

GreenPhoenix said...

Yeah, unless you can find time to knit, you'll have to change your name to something like "Wish I was Knittin'" The projects are looking nice.