Monday, January 07, 2008

10 (number)

One of my friends posted the other day about the Top 10 "Stash Projects" Knitalong and her goal of "knit 10 projects from your stash, without buying yarn for anything new until the end of March" (or at least not *much* until the 10 projects are done). It got me thinking...

Did I just hear a groan??
I'm firmly committed to buying stash so that won't play into my plans. However, I did sit down and contemplate some of my WIPs. Then I started wondering if there were 10 that I could finish quickly, like maybe by the end of this month*, just to get them off the list. And by golly there sure are 10 things (more actually, but I like 10 - it's a nice round number).

So I suppose I should start with the list and then tell you what motivation hit this weekend and that I'm down to 8 already. Darn. I'm no good at surprises.

Right, the list.
1. Gathering Intentions
2. Tangled Yoke Cardigan
3. Baby Bunting (on a deadline so I had to add it - cross your fingers on this seed-stitch-hell getting done in time)
4. Hemlock Ring blanket
5. Flower Sack bag
6. Baby Surprise Jacket
7. Blithe
8. Farmers Market bag
9. Lucca
10. Endpaper Mitts

And the finished stuff. Oh, baby. The baby's gonna be happy about this one.

img hosted at flikr

Yup. It's baby surprise. It's been finished for a few months. Marinating, yeah, that's it. I just needed to seam it and put the buttons on. Aren't these the cutest buttons?

img hosted at flikr

And this ultra fabulous new bag got itself all finished up too. I may even use this one as a purse. At least once.

img hosted at flikr

The top is Ultra Silk and since it's black it's impossible to show you the very cute cable-ish pattern on it. Great texture. The bottom is out of Iro. And the handles and flower button are something new by Grayson E and distributed by Muench Yarns. Get some. They are awesome! I've been brainstorming all weekend about bag patterns and think I've hit on something good I'll have to design up this year. The pattern will, of course, need these handles. Cause I love them.

*Now, some people need to note I didn't *promise* that I was going to have these done by the end of this month. You two really do a great job of keeping me honest so I want to be perfectly clear. ;)


Chris said...

That bag is cool - and you're right, the handles are fabulous! Wow, you're cranking through the projects - go go go!

Luni said...

I'm so inspired by your idea to finish 10 things, I started looking for a KAL to encourage me. Then I realized I'd finish more if I didn't spend time blogging about it on another KAL! :)
Love the jacket--the colors and the stripes are so cute.

CynCyn said...

Duly noted that you put a 'maybe' in front of your 'finish by the end of the month' goal. Bag and BSJ are so cute!! I'm gonna have to check out those handles.

WandaWoman said...

You know I love that BSJ. So cute. I'm gonna hold you to 10!Better keep using your motivational trick for this weekend too! ;-)

StarSpry said...

I love the baby surprise jacket! Those buttons are so cute :)

Good luck with finishing by the end of the month!

GreenPhoenix said...

The baby surprise jacket is adorable! Are those buttons meant to look like legos? Clever! You're bound to be William's favorite aunt :).