Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Tradition Continues

As has become tradition it's time to face up to what last years resolutions were and how well I did...

1. Nothing stays on the WIP list for longer than two years - I think I'm still ok here. There are a couple of WIPs that I can't seem to frog because I still want them. At the same time I can't same to make them move up in the list to an active WIP.
2. Shop from the stash (a.k.a. check the stash before buying yarn for a project) - Did good here. Just need to keep it up.
3. Make a fair isle sweater (big people size) - Um... I cast on for a few. I guess I didn't say it had to be finished this year.
4. Get some of the gift knitting done I have planned - Did good here too. I made a bunch of things I wanted to, ironically it was none of the items I specifically mentioned in this list last year as examples.
5. Knit at least one of the full size Afghans I have yarn for in my stash - Did ok. I started the Modern Log Cabin (full size) from the stash yarn and I worked on Lizard Ridge too. They are also not finished.

Hmmm... either my goals were too easy or I'm getting to know myself pretty well. At least when it comes to knitting. Ha.
So new knitting goals...
1. I like my #1 goal from last year about no WIP older than 2 years old. Knit it or frog will have to be the motto. Now, just to keep myself from upgrading that to 5 years in next years resolutions...
2. DH and I have a personal goal of paying off all our debts so to help that goal on track I'll be a cash only girl this year. All yarn purchases will have to be made with cash. That should help with those random boxes from Elann and Webs that tend to leave my mind as soon as the Confirm Purchase button is hit only to be dramatically remembered when I get my credit card bill each month. Heehee.
3. This is a big one for me. I'd like to Design something. I don't mean publish necessarily, but just take the leap and make stuff without a pattern. I already keep a notebook and cork board I fill up with ideas and things that inspire me. So actually making it would be the next logical step. I think 4 things this year should be good.

Here's to a New Year!

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Chris said...

Those sound like doable goals!!

Sonya said...

Good goals! I need to add that no WIPs over 2 years old to my resolutions.

Samantha said...

Those are great goals :-) Good luck!