Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One Step Closer

It's amazing what a coat of paint will do to a room. I'm so in love with my craft room. I can't wait to get it finished exactly how I want. Though, to be honest that might take a few years considering the number of plans I've made for it.

Here are some shots of the room now that I've finally gotten things back in there and mostly straightened up.

img hosted at flikr

img hosted at flikr

img hosted at flikr

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Deb said...

Looking good! I so need more shelves.

mamascraalota said...

Wow, that looks so great! I'm jealous that you have shelves up to the ceiling! Totally jealous!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Wow, you have a lot of books!! :)

WandaWoman said...

I love your crafting room. Can I come and live there? :-)

Luni said...

Yay for you! It looks great. Now, are all those books about crafting, or is it a mix? :)
Seriously, I'd like to know about the dress form. I was looking at JoAnn's a couple of days ago, and their forms are functional, but seriously ugly. Yours is pretty. Where did you get it (or the cover that makes it pretty)? Do you use it much for knitting?

StarSpry said...

It looks great! I love the bookshelves :D

Allegra said...

your room looks great! um, are those ALL knitting/crafting books?!!?