Thursday, December 27, 2007

Knittin Rings

You might have guessed by my last post that I haven't gotten a ton of knitting in lately. Sadly, even when I've had time to knit I just didn't feel like it. But I'm back on track now. I started something new, of course.

img hosted at flikr

The hemlock ring blanket has been a ton of fun to knit. I can't believe how far you get on a single skein of the Eco-Wool.

img hosted at flikr

Lovin' it.

Oh- And don't miss out on all those end of year sales. I put a dent in the Colorful Yarns sale but I promise I didn't buy all the good stuff. And Webs isn't too dented either.

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Chris said...

You enabler! ;)

CynCyn said...

hemlock looks great!! can't wait to see it finished... what all did you get at CY and WEBS?

Susan said...

Looks pretty so far and it looks like it might be interesting to knit.