Friday, December 28, 2007

Design Number 1

I think I've mentioned this before but thought I'd share my progress because I'm REALLY excited about it.

Donna Druchunas wrote this great new book called Ethnic Knitting: Discovery: The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and The Andes where she talks about knitting in those areas and, rather than providing patterns, provides "recipes" for how to make a sweater following that countries traditional methods. She has also started a Knit Along and the group voted to design a Norwegian sweater starting just after the first of the year.

I love traditional Norwegian sweaters for ideas but I'm not always crazy about the traditional materials and certainly not the traditional colors. So here's my chance to make something entirely my own, have a group to help out with any issues if I get stuck, and make it just how I like.

I picked out my yarn the other day (I alluded to this in my last post about not buying *everything* good - but man it is some good stuff).

img hosted at flikr

There is Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight (the cream color), Blue Sky Alpacas Silk & Alpaca (deep wine), and Blue Sky Alpacas Melange (rust) that I'll be using to knit my sweater. This is still a first draft but this is what I'm thinking of for the front of my sweater. I can't wait to see how it comes together.

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CynCyn said...

first comment! Design looks great, when ya gonna swatch? he he he.