Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random News

  • My kind of milkshake.
  • Interested in the doing the audiobook thing but really want to listen to knitting stories while you knit? Never fear. Read about this lady's innovative approach to knitting books.
  • Speaking of audio content. I've just picked up on a new SciFi podcast that is just great. They read a short story each episode and are usually under a half hour long. Nice.
  • Got a teen you are Christmas shopping for? Apparently they don't really want iPhones, they want knitting needles.
  • Enjoy reading the Yarn Harlot? She was interviewed for this article. Typical McPhee quotes. Very fun.
  • Still looking for that new yarn? There is plastic. And fabric strips. But we've seen that already. How about newspaper. Um. Paper? Really? Really. And it is pretty too.

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1 comment:

Chris said...

You are so cutting edge! :)