Friday, November 30, 2007

Fabric Frenzy

I've gotten sucked into a fabric frenzy as of late. Blame it on the remodel in the craft room. Or just how beautiful everything Kaffe Fassett comes up with. And Amy Butler.
In nearly knitting news, the new Amy Butler bags are incredible. I picked up this pretty thing last week. I couldn't help it. What can I say.

img hosted at flikr

Wanna see the inside? I know you do.

img hosted at flikr

Then, of course there was the gumdrop pillow from some Kaffe fabrics which apparently just got me started...

img hosted at flikr

And then I went shopping - Um, yeah. I did. I got the Tropical Frothy Quilt Fabric Pack (at the very bottom) for the loft, of course. And some of the Moss Planets fabric for a window treatment. And some pretty batiks. Because they are pretty.

img hosted at flikr

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Missjenimae said...

I love the bag!!! So much that I have one too. Hope to see you tonight.

Deb said...

Love the bag and fabrics - and your logic. "They're pretty - and I'm pretty, therefore I should have them because, I'm pretty and they're pretty and pretty things should be with pretty people to make them pretty" It's just how I think!!

How was you trip to Minneapolis??