Monday, October 15, 2007

Blue Jeans

Lots of finishing going on this past weekend. It was very refreshing. Let's start with the non-knitting.

May I present the blue jean throw.

img hosted at flikr

I love it. The seams are on the front rather than back (not that there is a true backing or anything) so that it adds a bit of character as it frays over the years. I put a bit of a sewn border on the throw so that the fraying has a place to stop. There is a single pocket on the throw near the bottom right corner (of the photo at least).

img hosted at flikr

I think at some point I may play around in some of the larger squares with some colored thread and simple designs. I think it would be fun to throw a little daisy or heart in some of the squares. For now, I'm just happy it is finished. It is already folded up and in the car waiting for a warmer day to go hang out at the park. Won't be today though. I don't think we are even supposed to get to 60 for a high. Sweater weather, HOORAY!

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Cathi said...

That looks awesome!

StarSpry said...

Very cool!

CynCyn said...

Looks great! Happy belated b-day... did you and DH go to dumplings? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Luni said...

So Very Nice. I love the blue jeans. And the front seams thing seems to be popular now--I see it on the quilts. ( not that I know anything about it, but I have seen it)

Corwink said...

OHMIGOD!!! I have to have this. Being the self dubbed "Blue Jean Queen" this is right up my alley. Oh yes.....we must chat about this. I am now going to figure out how I can steal this from you when you are not looking.


WandaWoman said...

Beautiful! Did you have a good birthday?

michaele said...

very cute! hope you had a nice birthday!