Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Baaaad Boy

Man, I'm really digging the big needle knitting right now. I decided to make my baby sister (who is having a boy by the way - HOORAY!!!) a poncho to keep her warm over the winter months. I figure it gets chilly up where she's living and her coats aren't going to be fitting her pretty soon. It's knitting up so quickly. Love it.

img hosted at flikr

The pattern is One Baaaad Poncho from Hello Yarn. I'm using Lambs Pride Bulky in Turkish Olive (which could also be called Forest Green were it 10 years ago). I hope she likes it (though I'm sure she will). Gotta keep that little tyke warm ya know. Oh, and yes, I'm totally copying Stacey's idea. What are knitting friends for? Ha.

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WandaWoman said...

Congrats, it's a boy! Yay. Nephews rule! of course, any baby is great, but jus' sayin!

CynCyn said...

love little boy knits, so yay! you know stace won't mind... until you finish it first. :)

StarSpry said...

Congrats on a nephew! The poncho looks great :)