Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Walkin' Weekend

We had a great time at the Liver Walk on Saturday. It was the third annual event so it's still a bit small but my friend that got me interested said it grows every year. They had a few corporate sponsors this year and a radio station came out and set up a stage for us. After the walk the presented a few awards for the teams that raised the most, the individual that raised the most, and one of the event workers that really made a difference.

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Ready. Set. Begin!

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We started out near the front so we got some good photos of all the people that came out for the walk.

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And what a beautiful lake to walk around.

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If anybody out there is upset because they wanted to donate to the liver foundation and time got away from you, worry not my friend. You can still make donations here if you'd like to.

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Chris said...

What a gorgeous day for a worthy event!