Thursday, September 06, 2007

Daddy's Gone a Hunting

Progress continues on the baby bunting. It's been a fun knit but I'm already tired of moss stitch. Or is it seed stitch? Whichever.
I've been working only on this project so that I can continue with my plans for finishing things.

img hosted at flikr

Wanna see a close up of the fair isle? I like it a great deal. There is a tiny bit of puckering but I'm confident it will block out. And it's a good warm up project before I start Autumn Rose.

img hosted at flikr

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Deb said...

Very nice - I really love the colors!

Kim B. said...

I loooove the fair isle. Purple and green is one of my favorite combinations. I looks beautiful.

WandaWoman said...

The fair isle looks great. You're right, that tiny bit of puckering will block out. Moss/seed stitch is so tiresome to me.

Missjenimae said...

It looks so cute!! I am excited to see Autumn rose as well.

StarSpry said...

Great job with the fair isle! I love the colors :)

Luni said...

My, that's a pretty little thing! I find seed stitch tedious, too, but it does look nice.