Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little Dolls

So I picked up this book at the shop the other day and couldn't resist starting some stuff. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little monkey on the cover. And our dear friends grandbaby is nicknamed Monkey so I thought it fitting to make her one.

Since I'm still feeling new to crochet and totally new to making stuff like this I started with the beginner project they have in the book.

Carrot anyone? Maybe I'll make a bunny to go with it one day...

img hosted at flikr

Next up we have the little mouse. And since we have catnip galore at home I had to add a sprinkle in there when I stuffed it.

img hosted at flikr

Tami promplty took possession and I haven't seen it since. A good sign.

I started on the monkey last night so we'll have to see how it goes. I have to say I'm really impressed with this book. The instructions are clear. The patterns are adorable. And I found the designers website earlier today and she's got such a cute gallery I'm all full of ideas now.

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CynCyn said...

they're adorable! are you gonna make the piggy for yourself? c'mon!

Chris said...

Those are really cute! I found some patterns for knit amigurumi kitties. :)

StarSpry said...

Those are adorable! I love the mouse :) Can't wait to see the Monkey!

Michaele said...

Can't wait to see the monkey! I just inherited some fiberfill for free yesterday, if you need any....