Friday, July 20, 2007


The quilting saga continues. I had my third class on Wednesday evening. Still having fun so it's all good. The part I'm really looking forward to (putting it all together and quilting it) is coming up soon so I'm getting pretty excited.

Here's a picture of the progress we made in class 2.

img hosted at flikr

And in after class three we ended up with four of these

img hosted at flikr

Whoo hoo! I've got quite a bit of homework before our next class so it seems I'll have the sewing machine out this weekend. It's so cool to see it all coming together. Wanna see a close up of my favorite fabric? Of course you do.

img hosted at flikr


Chris said...


CynCyn said...

oh! in the first pic, they're so nicely aligned that I thought the squares were already sewn together! how big is this blanket gonna be?

Samantha said...

it's looking fabulous! Can't wait to see what comes next...

Deb said...

Quilt on!