Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, I finally finished Clue #2. It's coming along nicely but I wish I was a little further along. Once I get my copy of Harry Potter I'll be losing good knitting time so I want to have Clue #3 finished before Saturday at least. We'll see.

img hosted at flikr

And a close up. You can actually see some of the beads in this shot. LOVE the beads.

img hosted at flikr


Jeni said...

It looks wonderful!!!

Hopefully I can get a copy of teh Audio of HP as well so I can knit some.

StarSpry said...

Ooooo...that looks great! I love the beads :)

Chris said...

It looks great! Hee hee - I haven't started, if that helps you feel further along. :)

Robin said...

Yours is the first I've seen that's not a solid color. I like it!! I've just got to do this next time -- you all are just having toooo much fun!

Luni said...

Mystery stole! I like the yarn you chose.
Nevermind, just wanted to to tell you Cosmic Pluto posted her finished Roundabout tank. http://www.cosmicpluto.com/blog/

WandaWoman said...

Ahh, I really love those beads too. So pretty! Yes, you should look at CosmicPluto's Roundabout Leaf tank.