Friday, July 13, 2007

Crafty Clever

Uh oh - So I've been on a random crafty streak lately it seems. I've beaded (thanks, Nachaele, for the great post), quilted, painted (oh, haven't mentioned that one here yet - yup - the living room and kitchen now have a fresh coat of color).

img hosted at flikr

And now what happens? I find this blog. I can tell already I'm going to be in trouble. I've already ordered some wallpaper to take advantage of this idea. And I can't wait to use this inspiration (check out her earlier posts for tutorials on how to make nearly everything she did) to update my crafty space.

I have to say what I like best about this DIY blog is that she's extremely clever and cost conscious at the same time. I love d*sponge for ideas but most of what I see on that blog would require winning the lotto before I'd actually buy any of it. I LOVE the ideas I get from that blog though.


CynCyn said...

girl. where is this craft room going to be? I liked the wood pegs (imagining BFY hanging there) but then the cat... the cat.

Chris said...

Must. Not. Click.