Friday, July 13, 2007


I really haven't posted much about this knit. I started it a couple of months ago on a camping trip and lost track of which side was the right side and which was wrong so I frogged it and started over last weekend.

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It's actually been a pretty quick knit even though it's done on US1s and US2s. I've been blog stalking Girl Who Knits since she knit the Venezia sweater. Haven't seen her version yet? Go check it out. It's amazing! Anyway, she posted about Blithe a while ago and I think it's the most awesome top. I keep debating on making another one or two in different colors. Better finish this one first I think. Ha.

Blithe is a Kim Hargreaves pattern and I have to say I'm completely impressed with her pattern writing. She's very clear and even though there is a bit of the at the same time going on it's not overwhelming. I've been a fan of her designs for years and was thrilled when I heard she was going off on her own to design until I realized she is only selling her patterns in kits so I hadn't made anything until this top. Her prices are fair, given that the yarn is Rowan, and the patterns are, of course, just as great as before. I would definitely order from her site again.


CynCyn said...

thems are fightin' words... "at the same time." I hate those words b/c they appear at the BOTTOM after I've neglected to do whatever I was supposed to do 'at the same time.' It should read "ha ha! caught you not reading the pattern all the way through! SUCKER! Now rip it out, and re-knit, and THIS TIME, you will knit with these instructions AT THE SAME TIME."

Deb said...

That is a sweet pattern - but I have to admit, the whole "kit" concept gets to me. I'm a 'pick & choose' person and can't be strapped into someone else's idea of what works best.

WandaWoman said...

I'm not a fan of the whole kit either. It might be fair, but I don't like it. I rarely use the same yarn as a pattern calls for, so I can't get down like that. I do like the pattern and Blithe is coming along nicely.

Sonya said...

Those "at the same times" make me crazy. Too much to think about at once.

Erin said...

A white Blithe!!! It is going to be so pretty. Really, I agree--it is the best top. And thanks for the blog stalking!