Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Summer has been hitting Denver pretty hard already. Record highs and not enough cloud cover. Wonder what August is going to be like? Ugh.

So, of course, this weather called for a super summer knit. Daylight was begun (not that we aren't getting enough of that already but it's a darn cute top). And man is it a quick little knit!

img hosted at flikr

This is the back (which I actually cast off last night) and has been so fun to knit. I was over-thinking it a bit at first but then realized how simple it is. The pattern is from the Rowan Kasbah Collection and I'm using Summer Tweed to knit it up.

When I'm done it should look something like this (except I'll be wearing it - ha)

img hosted at flikr


Chris said...

Cute! It's been unseasonably hot here, too. UGH.

Deb said...

Oh, it'll look so much better on you. You're probably no as angst-filled as she is!

CynCyn said...

whatcha gonna wear underneath? i like it for you... frillier than i would expect, but i think it'll look great on you.

WandaWoman said...

Very cute top. It will look great on you. You like that layered look, so this would be perfect.

Knitter C said...

So cute!

I love reading your blog... most of the projects you make are things I love or want to make as well, and then there are things I would never give a second look at, that you help me to see in a different light.

Cant wait to see this finished and on... this is just too cute. I may have to make a few of them. I think my SIL would love this in a light blue.

mishaele said...

love that color! I'm amazed at how quickly it's going. Can't wait to see it in person!