Monday, June 11, 2007

Acronym hell

So we've lived on the Internet long enough to see certain knitting related acronyms. There are WIPs, FOs, SEx, and KALs which I'm sure have been used enough we all know them. But it seems there are always new ones. I just came across a list and a couple I hadn't heard before jumped out at me so I just had to share.

BUFO: Boring UnFinished Object
EndlesslyBIGHI: (pronounced Biggie) But I Gotta Have It
KAT: Knitting Against Time
NAYY: No Affiliation, Yada, Yada
NQBE: Not Quite Big Enough
NTINAMY: "Not that I NEED any more yarn..."
OKC: Obligatory Knitting Content
SWIPE: Stalled Work In Progress

And the one that I found too funny not to go ahead and post twice in one day:
TOAD: Trashed Object, Abandoned in Disgust (coined by Fahy Bygate)

Wonder what happened to a few of those WIPs that used to be on my sidebar? They've been TOADed.


CynCyn said...

I like the TOAD too. SWIPE seems to be all I do. ECO should be one. Endlessly casting on. STAB (Stash About to Burst at the Seams) should be one too.

Allegra said...

TOAD is hilarious!!! I am totally a SWIPEr too. I like Cynthia's recommendation for STAB.....that's where my stash is!!!