Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sweet tooth

I think my subconscious must be trying to tell me something. I'm working on two Jawbreakers and I've dubbed Bad Penny my Cotton Candy top (I'm using a cotton called candy to knit it). Hmmmm...

I nearly finished Jawbreaker this past weekend. In fact all I need to do is seam it up and knit up the collar and she's done and done. I can't wait. It's just too cute.

And since I loved this pattern so much I decided I need a cotton version as well. I picked up this Patagonia Nature cotton the other day and have already cast on for my next Jawbreaker.

I had picked out a pretty denim blue and chocolate brown blend but decided I needed something that said Spring a little louder. I think this will do perfectly.

And Cotton Candy is doing very well too. I love the colors in this yarn. It's a rather sproingy cotton so I'm hoping it turns out a tiny bit smaller than the pattern calls for, though since it's done from the top down I'm confident it will fit fine. I mostly want to get this one finished so I can start some of the great patterns from Fitted Knits.


WandaWoman said...

I love the color of the wool Jawbreaker. That Sheep Shop yarn is so pretty. I like the new color too. You're in a cotton candy wonderland!

Chris said...

I really can't believe how much knitting you get done!

Sonya said...

I love the Jawbreaker color too. I just ordered a similar color in Cascade 220 from Webs. (Can't let a sale go by.)