Friday, April 13, 2007

Quick Fix

Well, I've updated the WIP list. Dang I've got a lot going on. So to make myself feel better I decided I needed a quick knit so I could say I actually finished something. May I present the washcloth.

This little bugger was so simple to knit up and only took an evening. I used Tahki Cotton Classic and size 6 needles. The stitch pattern is super simple and quite mindless. Want to make one?

Cast on 45 sts.
Row 1: (MC) Knit
Row 2: (MC) Knit
Row 3: (CC) *K1, slip next stitch. Rep from * across row
Row 4: (CC) *K1, bring yarn to front, slip next stitch, bring yarn to back. Rep from * across row

Keep knitting till you like the size. Want to see more? Check out my mad washcloth knitting friend's blog. These are so fun I may have to play around with some new designs.


Chris said...

That's what I love about bibs and washcloths. Fast and satisfying! That one's really cute.

CynCyn said...

it does look great, but you coulda made a HP square. :)

WandaWoman said...

That's pretty cute. Since you used 3 colors, when did you switch between MC and CC1 and CC2?

Yarn Thing said...

Okay, this might sound stupid but, do you really use that to wash dishes? I see that people tend to make a lot of these dishcloths but I was wondering if people actually use them. So, feeling safe to ask you, I did ;-)