Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Green Thumb - I hope...

So much for a big surprise about Fair Isle Jazz. I've had to order something before I can finish so it might be a little while yet. Oh well.

So as a distraction I'll show you why my muscles are protesting everything. We've lived in our home for about 5 years now and when we first planned out the back yard I saved a 600 sq foot area to be a flower garden. Until this year it looked like this.

With the weeds at varying heights over the years. DH has been very good over the last couple to just mow the area to keep it from getting out of control. But this year we decided to just take care of it already and spent all day Sunday turning the area into this.

I'm so excited about this though I'm sure it will take a few years to fill in. Going clockwise around the square starting at the bottom left corner I've got three June Brides, a couple clusters of Gaillardia with room for a bench in between, some sort of native grass that has taken root in the corner with crocus in front of them and along the back wall I've planted a Colors and Textures pre-planned garden. In the middle area I've bought a bunch of Creeping Thyme just to keep the area from turning into a weed paradise until I can figure out the rest.

Now just to fix the patio and get some furnature. Whoo hoo!


Chris said...

Looking forward to pictures when it starts to bloom!

Linda said...

Good for you Michelle! But I have to ask....what's going on with the Armagh? I was hoping to see a photo in those gorgeous greens you picked out........Linda