Thursday, March 29, 2007

The pull of Non-Knitting

Uh Oh. It must be due to Spring. Or maybe due to the incredible gallery show I got to see of Denyse Schmidt quilts. Or maybe the Hancock fabric near my home closing the store and putting everything on sale. Or a combo...

I haven't talked about this here before but I've certainly been thinking about it for quite some time. I've decided to make a nice summer quilt for my bed. I have always felt quilting was beyond my ability. I don't care for sewing, and while I very much admire some of the great quilters out there, didn't think it was something I could do myself. That was until about two weeks ago.

Denyse Schmidt had a gallery show in town, where we (we = those great quilters I mentioned above) got to see some of her fabulous work as well as actually talk to her about quilting. She's an incredibly inspiring woman and I felt completely empowered to take out some scissors and cut up some fabric and just go for it since I met her. Jamie at Designklub has some great photos of the gallery setup on her blog. And Sam has an excellent photo of herself and Denyse in front of one of my favorite inspirations from the show.

So how far have I gotten on this summer quilt already? Well, I got all the fabric for the top this weekend and bought the backing online whichI got last night. All the top has been washed and ironed and I'm thinking there will need to be some time set aside this weekend to lay everything out and cut it. The top I'm thinking of is so simple I can't imagine it will take very long to piece (I hope that is the right term).

So enough talking already. Here's a picture of the different fabrics I'm using. The quilt will be mostly white with some large strips of colored fabric. I'm toying with the idea of having the actual quilting done in a deep sage or olive green thread so it pops on the white (and matches my curtains). Wish me luck!


Marly said...

Hey, Love the quilt idea! I too really want to learn how to quilt and one of my really good friends is excellent at it so I am going to get her to help me. You know, as soon as we can drop the kids off somewhere for any decent amount of time to get something done!

You know, I passed the Hancock Fabrics down by southwest plaza and I think I saw a sign saying they were closing that store. Is that where you live?

Are you planning on going to the Yarn Harlot Book Signing at the Tattered Cover?


CynCyn said...

love the color combos you chose (surprise surprise). maybe it'll be finished by the time I come visit. (haha)

Samantha said...

Oooh, I'm so excited for you! If I can be of any help at all, just let me know!