Friday, March 16, 2007


Now I see why people have these contests all the time. You guys are killing me. I love checking my email in the morning to see what quirky and cute names were submitted. Thanks!

I was sitting around knitting last night when I realized I'm way overdue for some progress shots on the projects I've been working on. I guess when you stare at something every night you don't notice the change to it as easily. So here goes.

The moderne log cabin is trucking right along. I knit on this on my lunch breaks most days. It's been so beautiful out for the last week or so that I've been able to go to the park and stare at the mountains while I listen to an audio book and think not at all.

Just loving how this is progressing. And I want to finish it before it warms up too much because I'd like to use it once or twice before next winter.

Rambling rows is almost done. I'm on square 47 of 55. Loving this one too. I'm really looking forward to putting the backing on this one. I'll be using that fabric I picked up for the log cabin but then decided not to use. This afghan has a much looser fabric and I think it actually requires a backing. The dinosaurs will be perfect!

Jawbreaker is a fun and quick knit. It doesn't get much attention but the peices are so fast that when I do get around to it I can finish a whole section at one go.

There's more but I think this will do for today. Gotta give you a reason to come back. ;)


Stacey said...

Such pretty stuff! I can't believe how big your Rambling Rows looks great! I don't think I noticed all the progress you had made on that one the last time I saw it in person.

Nachaele Olson said...

Your Modern Log Cabin is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the little squares on your Rambling Rows afghan too. I need to get mine out and work on them too! Hope to see you soon!

Terri Lynn said...

Your rambling rows is the best I have seen. Great, bold colors, I wasn't interested in one until I saw yours. Great job as always.

Chris said...

Are you using Cotton Fleece on your moderne?? What colors? I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.