Monday, March 19, 2007

Progress on Other Stuff

Or stuff for others. Technically the rambling rows should have shown up here but since I don't know who it will end up being for I sometimes forget it's meant as a gift for someone else. Heh.

Let's start with Ariann. There is progress being made though it's pretty slow. It's pretty but it's wool and it's been so springy here lately I have been pulled to bamboo and cotton.

I'm glad I picked a pattern that is so wonderful to make for her. I love love love how it's turning out. If you click on the photo above you'll get to see a close up of the stitch pattern. It's simple too. Gotta love that.

Next up we have the Ruffled Surplice that was on the cover of the last Interweave magazine. I'm making this one for a friend that never gets around to making herself garments. I'm using the yarn that is called for in the pattern and LOVE it. It's Tahki Bali and is a very lovely bamboo. Unfortunately for you my friend wanted her garment in black so the photos aren't going to show you nearly how pretty this stuff is.

Can't say enough good things about this yarn. I'm into my third ball and have yet to come across any knots (it is sad that knots have become so commonplace I feel this is something worth mentioning), it's cool to the touch which is a definite plus in the relative heat we've been enjoying, it is soft, and it's going to drape beautifully. Another simple pattern too. I've had a few challenges with it but I think I've got it now. Now just to finish it up

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Wanda said...

Oh, you're knitting with Bali, how nice. It looks like it's coming along nicely.