Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well Hey There

Just popping in for a quick hello. It's been pretty quiet around here. I had Lasik on my eyes last Friday and haven't really been knitting a whole lot since then. So far I'm happy with how much better I can see but I'm hoping it continues to improve. My eyes get tired pretty quickly still so I've been focusing on knitting the Moderne Baby blanket so I don't have to really stare at it too much. Thank heaven for garter stitch.

Saturday I had some of the grrls over for snacks and knitting. It was fun and reminded me of a few years back, or maybe only a year ago, that we used to have knitting groups at peoples houses. It was a comfortable group for a while but then we grew a bit too large and it wasn't feasible to try and meet in a persons house.

Monday I took the day off, mostly, and pal'd around Denver with some friends checking out a couple places I haven't been before. The Fancy Tiger is located near downtown and has a bit of yarn and knitting supplies but has so much more than just knitting stuff. It was a cute store and I got some fun ideas from browsing around. And an Amy Butler bag pattern, the new High Street Messenger bag. I can't wait to make this one. I have the perfect outer fabric already, a deep red corduroy, but I need to find just the right thing for the lining.

Right now I'm in Houston, Texas. I came into town on Tuesday to speak at a conference. It was a small group (less than 30) so it wasn't too scary. It went well, thankfully. A little too well actually since I've gotten two more invitations to repeat that little performance in the next couple of months. Public speaking really isn't up there on my list of things I like to do. I wonder if they'd care if I was knitting as I present. Ha.

Well, wish me luck on getting home a little early. I'm trying to get on an earlier flight that is apparently completely booked. Chat more with you later.



Joanne said...

Have a safe trip and I'll see you when you get back. Good luck with the flight you want.

Chris said...

Glad to hear the Lasik went well! I think things are suppoed to improve for a while.