Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The GMH Sweater

Well, though I haven't been knitting on it (not an afghan so it doesn't qualify) I did start work on a sweater. I was so inspired by the work Stacey has done on Ariann that I couldn't resist.

DH grandmother asked me last April to make her a sweater. And since I love her, and yes, fear her a bit, I said of course. No problem. Piece of cake. Right... I picked out a pattern and bought yarn but never worked up the motivation to start knitting it. Also GMH (for Grand Ma H) won't tell me what size to make. So I finally decided that I'd better get something done for her before my picture is face down on the mantle.

The hunt began again when it occurred to me that wouldn't Ariann look cute if it were worn open or closed? Ha. Size doesn't matter as much now. So I got that pattern and the yarn. And started working on this for GMH in the largest size. I won't put button holes on it so if it's a little too small she can wear it open without looking silly. And if it's the right size I'll find a pretty pin to close it with. Ha! I also liked this pattern for her better because it's a bit lacy. She lives down in Florida so the first pattern I had picked out might have gotten use once or twice every year but this one has much better potential for frequent use.

Now just to get off the afghan kick long enough to knit it...


Chris said...

Surely you must need a break from afghans SOMETIME?! ;)

CynCyn said...

THANK YOU for my lovely surprise gift. You gals are a sneaky bunch! I think GMH will love her sweater... remind me what yarn you bought for it?