Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blissful Mindless Knitting

Well, it's been *another* tough week so far. Just a ton of little things keeping me from focusing on any of the big things with a deadline. I'm sure everyone has experienced it but dang it's just exhausting.

I've done a small bit of knitting in the evenings but all I've had the energy for are the garter stitch afghans. Thank God for garter stitch. I mean really!

The Moderne is trucking along. I've gotten to square 5 (I think it starts feeling slow at square 7 so I still feel like I'm making good progress). I love the colors and the pattern and the absolute lack of brain power it takes.

I'm having fun with Rambling Rows too but it does have decreasing so Moderne keeps taking priority. But it's pretty and fun too.


Samantha said...

You are inspiring me to take on one of those Moderne Log Cabins- it's safely in my newbie comfort zone, and it looks SO good!

Chris said...

I love the colors on that Moderne! Hope your week settles down.

Wanda said...

Your moderne is just gorgeous.